Miss Miller's 
Third Grade Class
Allen Frear
 Elementary School
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​Behavior Management System

2014-2015 Class Schedule
8:20-8:40       Students Arrive
8:40-8:45       Announcements
8:45-9:20       Whole Group ELA
9:20-9:40       Word Study
9:40-10:30      Related Arts
10:30-11:00     Writing
11:00-12:00     Small Group ELA
12:00-12:30    Lunch
12:30-12:50    Recess
12:50-1:05      Text Talk
1:05-1:40        Science/SS
1:40-3:05        Math
3:05-3:20       Pack-Up and Dismiss
Caesar Rodney School District
Grading Scale

                    B 85-91%
                    C 75-84%

Classroom Wishlist
-Clorox Wipes
-Card Stock
-Copy Paper
-Dry Erase Markers (Thick and Thin)
-Dry Erase Erasers
-Hand Held Pencil Sharpeners
-Pink Erasers
Class Stats
Teacher: Miss Miller

Number of Students: 21

Girls: 14

Boys: 7